Top 15 Job Interview Tips for Freshers

Top 15 Job Interview Tips for Freshers

Are you a fresher who is preparing to face a job interview in a few days?

Then this tutorial is for you. Facing the interview is easy if you planned it earlier. But the freshers don’t know how to prepare for the interview because it’s their first time and they are overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

Freshers get excited to enter the corporate world; on the other hand, there is a constant fear of being rejected in the interview process. Hence we’ve listed the top 15 tips where you can prepare yourself and make your interview less stressful and easy.

So let’s get started with top tips and techniques you should prepare before your interview.

1. Know about the company and job role

The first step before going to an interview is to do research about the company/organization you will be working for. You must go to their website and social media page. As well as, research their future goal, competitors, work, etc. Because if the interviewer asks “What do you know about our company?” then you must answer clearly and tell everything you’ve researched. Many freshers/experienced candidates skip this critical step and it gives chance to employers to remove it from the final list.

Another important thing is to understand the job role for which you are applying. Most candidates do not even read and research about what position they applied for and get confused when the interviewer asks about it. So you must research the job role you have applied for.

2. Prepare your resume according to the company

Most candidates do not even bother to update their resumes according to the company and job role. They just bring old copy/paste Resumes containing unrelated skills, and experiences that do not match the job role. For example, you are interviewing for a job role Software Engineer and you put English typing speed. So, always make sure you put only those job experience, interests, and skills which relevant to the job role.

3. Read your resume before the interview

When you’ve prepared your resume according to the company and job role, then you must read and understand what you added to it. It is possible that you’ve put some wrong or outdated information in it. Always check your contact number, and email with grades/marks for qualifying exams. It is a chance that the interviewer will ask about skills/details you put in your resume, so be prepared for it.

4. Keep documents in one place

One of the most important things you should do before going to an interview is to keep all your documents in order. You should keep all originals in one place and all photos copy in another, so when the interviewer asks for the product same then you will not get confused and waste time finding it. As well as, line up all your academic documents such as degrees, mark sheets, etc., both original and photocopies. You can carry your previous job experience certificate or your internship certificate as it develops a bit more trust.

5. Prepare well for basic interview questions

Another tip for a successful interview is to prepare for basic interview questions asked by the interviewer commonly. For example, Tell me about yourself, Tell me about your strength and weakness, and Why do you want to work with us? Therefore you must prepare the answer to such questions and make sure the answers match your skills.

6. Do a mock interview

You can do a mock interview with your friends and family which will act as a complete informational guide for your actual job interview. You can create a professional environment and prepare interviews with your family/friends and ask for their feedback. As well as wear formal attire and see whether you are comfortable in that or not. Observer if you sound like a robot while answering. Do not memorize the answers but communicate in a way it sounds engaging and makes them look appropriate for the job.

7. Dress impressively and be on time

If you are going for a job interview then you must dress sharply. You can wear a crisp shirt and pants along with neat shoes that will make you look formal and interview-ready. Never wear big watches and jewelry as well as say no to very strong perfume as these things can bring unwanted attention.

Always manage your time in a way that you reach the venue at least 15-20 minutes before the interview starts. It will help you keep your mind relaxed and allow you to settle down properly.

8. Think positively

Showing any freaked-out emotion to the person sitting in front of you can grab away the chance of getting the job. So, it is very important that you display a good attitude and try thinking from the perspective of the recruiter that what they want and what they are thinking. Because, everyone wants to hire an employee who can work with other teammates in their company, listen to leaders, and not get panic in any situation.

9. Address the interviewer positively

When you are giving the interview, always address the interview with Mr, Sir, Ms, Etc. Do not call them directly by their name. If they appreciate you for giving a beautiful answer always say thank you. It shows how you are polite to them.

10. Answer clearly and precise

When the interviewer asks questions, you should always answer their question in fewer words with points. Much Fresher tries to answer questions in a very lengthy and drifts from the original question. You should pause for some seconds to think about the questions and try to come up with short and point-wise answers. If you don’t know the answer then you should simply say sorry rather than try to answer it incorrectly.

11. Do not be argumentative

Sometimes you know that your answer is right but the interviewer denied it. At this time do not try to take a stand and say you are wrong with an argumentative tone. The interview may be checking how you react in such a situation. You can describe the answer politely and clarify why you are right.

12. Be focused and maintain positive body language

Your body language tells a bit more about your personality and attitude. You should ensure to maintain positive body language. You should make direct eye contact with the interviewer. When you meet an interview then shake hands positively. Try to sit straight and maintain a graceful posture. You can use your hand while speaking. You can follow these tips to be focused and maintain positive body language.

13. Ask relevant questions

This can be one of the important tips for freshers. You should ask questions to the interviewer about queries you have. Many interviewers ask Do you have any questions? You should consider it as a golden chance to showcase your skills and qualifications. You can ask questions about the company, job role, etc. to impress the interviewer. This also gives you more clarity about the company and job role.

14. Follow up after completion

After completion of the interview, you can send Thank you email or follow-up email within 24 hours so the recruiter remembers you, especially over the rest of the candidates. Do not except you will positive response, hence you should ask for feedback on why they did not hire you. This feedback will help you to improve your future interviews and you might get considered for the same company but a different role.

15. Maintain your social media presence

Nowadays, a company checks your social media presence before calling for interviews. Be aware of what you are posting on your social media which might not like by the company. Do check your Facebook, and Instagram profiles and remove all sensitive, unwanted posts that you think might not like by the company, like debate posts, abusive posts, etc.

However, you can post relevant posts like study material, quizzes, etc. to impress the company that you are serious about your future and want to learn new things.

If you follow these tips, it will help you to prepare for the interview and success. Always remember, practice is key so you can get clarity about the interview process. You can take guidance from your friends, seniors, and teachers as they can guide you to draft answers to impress the interviewer during the interview.

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